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There was no such thing as Facebook. Or Windows Messenger. Or YouTube. Or even Google. Times were different.

In the early nineties, Spain finally started to fix the fact that it had historically lagged behind much of the worldin technology, holding the country back for decades, so it dove head-first into the digital era. For the first time ever, new technology began to play a role in our everyday lives. Few were the teenagers who didn’t ask their parents for a computer, and rare were the parents who truly understood what their kids were talking about.

Video games gradually moved out of arcades and game rooms and moved into our homes, becoming the mainstream entertainment option they are in modern times. When this shift first began, the predominant genre was the graphic adventure, also known as the “point’n’click” game.

This is the exciting atmosphere in which Pendulo Studios was created in the year of 1994, as a result of a decision by four close friends to become professionally devoted to their greatest hobby: graphic adventures. Our first game was made using traditional methods with a team of just five people, and it was distributed on diskettes in the domestic market. In those early days, we established a set of parameters which have gradually become the hallmark of our company: a cartoon-like style, spectacular chromatics, an emphasis on details, charismatic characters and a balance between comedy and thrills.

Since then, we have moved forward slowly but surely, production by production: each new game has brought growth with it in every area of expertise, from creative design to the purely entrepreneurial side of our work. We have strengthened our team with artists and an involved technical staff, who not only complete their work with the highest quality, but have also managed to take on the same passion that we have always had in the work they do. We have combined our efforts with those of collaborators from around the world so that the sources of our creative work stretch beyond our borders, and today our games are translated into ten languages and distributed in more than twenty countries, from France and Germany to the United States and Australia.

We are growing little by little. However, we have never allowed the growth factor to have a big influence on the way we do our everyday work: we still make the games we like, the way we like them. And we will continue to make them.

  • Howie says: what r grafic adventures? comics?

  • PENDULO says: No, video games.

  • Howie says: ah, computer games :( I’m not into killing people

  • PENDULO says: In adventures, u don’t kill anyone. They’re about solving puzzles.

  • Howie says: hahahahaha!!!! like tetris?

  • PENDULO says: Well, not exactly. It’s more focused on the characters.

  • Howie says: tetris with cartoon actors...r u into some kinky contortionism? not my kinda thing

    PENDULO says: Just out of curiosity, why did you add Pendulo to your friends list?

  • Howie says: cuz I got thrown out of all the other websites.

  • PENDULO has eliminated Howie from its list of friends.


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